Pam Heir

Dr. Pam Heir is the owner-operator responsible for setting the standard of care at Asheir Homes.

After a nursing career in England, Dr. Pam Heir moved to the U.S. and retook RN boards. As her career progressed, Dr. Pam Heir served in leadership roles across a range of organizations in the senior care field. She served in as diverse roles as Director of Nursing, VP of Clinical Services, Nurse Practitioner, teacher conducting courses for the Bachelor of Nursing program at Johns Hopkins, and finally Chief Clinical Officer in Florida. Struck with a personal tragedy of losing her 23-year old son, Dr. Pam Heir gave up the corporate world for good and set out on a mission to fill the void by working more closely with seniors. Dr. Pam Heir decided to execute on her long term vision of providing senior care that was family-oriented, dignified and filled with an atmosphere of love and happiness. Asheir Manor was born in 2013, in memory of Pam's son Amarveer S. Heir. With the addition of the Potomac location, Asheir Homes was established in 2019.